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SQL Server Smoked The Competition – 17. September, 2015

sqlsAlan Bourassa wasn’t looking forward to Christmas this year. Inc.’s director of systems planning and design was facing retailing’s busiest time of year with computer systems he knew wouldn’t be able to handle the load–not a merry thought, unless a good application could help.

So Bourassa and colleague Jeanette Seip, senior project manager, decided it was time for a new approach. They dropped the Dayton, N.J., online bookseller’s outdated Hewlett-Packard Co. Unix-based order fulfillment system and moved to a Windows NT platform running Microsoft Corp.’s new SQL Server 2014.

The HP system was terminal-based and needed a daily batch processing window, during which staff couldn’t generate up-to-date packing lists. The site needed something interactive–a system that would provide real-time data about orders and stock levels 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Searches through the millions of books listed in the site’s catalog had to come back within seconds, or the system would be unworkable.

The decision …

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