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Summer, B2B and Booming Business – 10. September, 2015

b2bbbWhatever happened to the summer doldrums: The lighter workloads, the longer lunches spent outdoors, the institution of summer hours? Summer used to mean more time off, less pressure, an opportunity to get caught up, to daydream. It was the perfect time to refresh one’s creative side without making a project out of it.

No more. Summer has blended into the rest of the business year. The only significant difference these days, it seems, is a drop in office temperature as even the air conditioning unit kicks into overtime.

The increase in workload is perhaps one sign of a strong economy and increased productivity. Times are good for everyone, and many in business-to-business think this area is making real headway, in dollars and perception, and that means more time at work and less time in the sun.

As one advertising agency executive told us: “When I first started in the business, the market was dead in the summertime. Now it’s a …

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